Pack My Parents

     "The money that was spent on Supporting Change was worth every penny.  Laura & her staff were very professional.  Everything was packed & waiting for the movers when they arrived.  I had no worries as Laura took care of everything.  If I ever move again, my first call will be to Laura to arrange for her services."  - Marie 

You helped move my parents in to Vivante a few weeks ago.

I was just there. You're nothing short of a miracle worker! I wanted to thank you for the care you took and for your limitless patience. I wish the other players to this transition had come even close to your approach.

I hope you and your family enjoyed an amazing vacation after you'd done your thing for my parents. They are all settled in and their place doesn't have even one hint of clutter.

Be well, miracle worker. Thank you.


Jeff W.
Carlsbad, CA

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Awesome people, awesome job!  Let me set the table; I am in the process of moving 2 separate households into 1 within 7 days.  Packing and moving the first was a chore to say the least.  

When I got to my place in Huntington Beach yesterday, I realized I was in trouble to be prepared for the movers tomorrow.  So I called Tim Green of Right Movers who incidentally is moving me for the second time for emergency packing assistance.  He referred me to Laura Simpson of Supporting Change who called me right back (at 6:30 PM!) and worked me into her schedule for a next day pack of my apartment.  Laura and Carina (I hope I spelled her name correctly) showed up on time this morning and went to work.  After surveying what I had, I left to run a local errand and when I got back I was stunned by how much they had accomplished.  Very efficient and professional, my personal belongs are well packed and safe.  

But just an importantly to me, Laura and Carina are wonderful people and were very patient with me.  I cannot express my thanks for them rescuing me from myself on this move!

If you are planning a move, I highly recommend in the strongest terms that you reach out to Laura in advance.  They do an excellent job and it takes the stress of packing correctly completely off of your plate.

Thank you again Ladies!

​     "You're nothing short of a miracle worker! I wanted to thank you for the care you took and for your limitless patience"  

     "So many little details were addressed that we do appreciate (the key to an office filing cabinet taped to the bottom of the drawer, for only one example).  We have moved a few times before, and this was by far the most pleasant experience with the packing.  Your friendliness and sense of humor was a bonus!"  

"Dear Laura,   

​     I wanted you to know how much Paul & I appreciate your help in our recent move out/clean up at our 2500 sq. ft. home in Irvine, which we have occupied for over 25 years..  As you know, I am in my late seventies and walk with the aid of a cane.  Before enlisting your help we spent several months cleaning out closets, giving away books to the library, donating clothes to various agencies, etc. I found this entire process to be really slow, time-consuming, exhausting, and stress producing.    

     Just over a month ago we found you and our move began in earnest.  In a short time you have helped us pack boxes, arranged for movers, consignment people, Salvation Army, a handyman to make minor repairs, help to carry out items to fill a dumpster, and someone to do the final cleanup after everything was taken out of the house.    

     Through the entire process we have found found you to be efficient, dependable, and pleasant--an important resource.  And reasonably priced, to boot!   

     Not only did you arrange for all of the things mentioned above; you also took my record collection to be sold, cleaned out my oven, gave my yarn collection to a senior center, and cleaned the hardwood floor in the entryway.     

     And now, everything is finished--long before we would have done all of the above by ourselves!  And much of the work was accomplished while we were at our new home in another city.   

     Many, many thanks to you, Laura.  We plan on passing your name along to others who need similar help in the futue."

 - May 

T H.

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These women are the best.  I had a dear friend in a position of having to vacate her home in 4 days.  She was not packed and was in severe distress over what she would do.  I reached out to Carrina and she put together a 4 woman crew in 24 hours.  They attacked the job with a vengeance and accomplished more that either of us could have imaginee.  They were so kind and understanding and made her feel so much more in control and able to face the rest of the task.  These ladies are the best, both in helping in emotional situations, but in flat out getting the job done.  I cannot recommend them high enough.  If there were 6 stars I would rate them 6!  IF you need help packing up for a move - these are the people to call!!