​                                           Kathleen Nelson
                                           Team Leader


           I am married and have three girls and two big dogs. We live in the city of Orange. I worked in retail for 28 years and I know how important GREAT Customer Service is.

          I was introduced to Pack My Parents, from a referral, they would call me if a client had items they would like to sell on consignment. One day I asked PMP if they needed any help packing. I thought it looked like a rewarding business to help families downsize and move. Thankfully they gave me a call and I have been with this company for about 1 1/2 years.  It is such a great feeling knowing that we are truly helping families have a more positive experience with their move. Moving is very stressful and not only do we pack up their years of collections but we also listen to our clients concerns and needs and assure them that things will go smoothly. We pack very efficiently and carefully! We help downsize and take away any donations and clutter they don't want to move. That is a relief for many!  

          A great part of the job is working with co-workers that make you laugh and work hard. We have quality teamwork to get the job done right and on time; but the best part of the job are the clients hugs, smiles and thank you's when the job is complete.


​                                           Laura Simpson


My focus is on making your transition a positive and stress-free experience. I have moved many times; from the mid-west to Scotland and on to Pittsburgh,  Boston, New Jersey and Seattle.  We  settled in North Tustin in Orange County, California and have relocated back to London.  I enjoy the outdoors with my two beautiful daughters, supportive husband and one crazy Australian Shepherd dog named Gingy.

My background with a non-profit organization serving older adults, helped me to gain the hands-on skills to assess my clients needs in their home without judgement.  I have  a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and a Certificate in Gerontology.  I have enjoyed being a volunteer with Meals on Wheels and Faith in Action.  Our involvement in the  National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) and the National Aging in Place Council continues to educate me on the needs of our community.  

My goal with
Pack My Parents/Supporting Change is for us to work with you to let go of the stuff you don't need, pack all that is important to you, and organize your new space into a place you can call home.​​

Pack My Parents



                               Sharilin Peters
Team Leader-Partner


As a former computer consultant, my personal specialties include scanning of documents and packing computers & other electronics and setting them up again in the new place. When asked why I do this, I simply reply that it is very rewarding to help people. It is worth a lot to get a hug from a client at the end of the job and have them say "Thank you so much, I couldn't have done it without you." 

I was looking for a career change and this felt right. My first experience in the downsizing business was helping my 86 year old Aunt downsize and get ready to move in with her son in another state. Helping her decide what to take with her, getting rid of the junk without hurting her feelings, distributing the good stuff to family members and donation places, digitizing family photos and more. I found that I enjoyed the work and was good at it. Plus it is great to have such a lovely group of people as colleagues.​​



​                                Corrine Gamino 
                                Team Leader-Partner

I am a yoga teacher & former Administrative Manager.  I have lived in Southern California all my life and from a very young age we moved a lot, so packing comes naturally! Lol!

After the loss of my Parents, I realized there are so many of "us" (kids / Baby Boomers) out there that need help; we're so busy working, raising kids and caring for our aging parents!  Having this experience allows me to work easily with both parents and children to ensure a smooth transition, where both are comfortable, satisfied and happy!

I am grateful to be a part of the  PACK MY PARENTS staff, they are incredible and wonderful team to work with. The compassion and empathy we share gives our clients a sense of security, knowing that their parents, as well, as their precious pictures, heirlooms and belongings are well cared for!  That final thank you hug from our clients, is why serving became my passion!

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!!