Michelle Greenwood

​                                                Social Media Lead


When my mom passed away in 2017, I was overwhelmed with the task to downsize my childhood home. I found  Pack My Parents through a referral from a wonderful estate sale service. What a find! Once I experienced first hand their downsizing and  organizing process, their amazing referrals and their wonderful staff, I just couldn’t stop sharing their story!

The result, I joined the team in September 2020 as their Social Media Lead. Now I work to help others get to know the team and the Pack My Parents process that culminates in stress free moves, safer homes and a house that is ready to sell  for our senior loved ones. 

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Pack My Parents


Team Leader

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                                  Sharilin Peters


Pack My Parents began in early 2017 when my boss moved to London and gave me the chance to rebrand and take over as owner of the senior downsizing business I had worked for and come to love over the previous 3 years. 

Moving into ownership and management was a little scary at first, but with the help of the other employees, we made the transition. Continuing the senior downsizing work that we know makes such a difference in people’s lives was a dream.

My first experience in the senior downsizing business was helping my then 86 year-old Aunt get ready to move in with her son in another state. Helping her consolidate her possessions and decide what to take needed a firm but gentle approach. Turns out I had the right touch and enjoyed the work. ​​

Today I lead a great team of people who are committed to helping seniors and their families lower their stress levels during the moving process. I love to  share the Pack My Parents process and story with Seniors and their families as well as others who specialize in helping seniors throughout the Orange County area and the United States. Let us share the Pack My Parents process with you and your family. We look forward to serving you!


​                                            Theresa Mendez
                                            Team Leader


I am a retired preschool teacher of 35 years. I am a mother of four children and I have 12 grandkids. At this time I am helping care for my aging parents. Pack My Parents gives me the opportunity to help others while allowing me to take care of their needs. Pack My Parent’s shows great kindness and compassion towards all their clients. My favorite part of working with our clients is we learn so much history. But the best part is all the gratitude they show.
It’s priceless.

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Martha Molan

Team Leader

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​                                          KathleenNelson
                                           Team Leader


I am married and have three girls and two big dogs. We live in the city of Orange. I worked in retail for 28 years and I know how important GREAT Customer Service is.

I was introduced to Pack My Parents, from a referral, they would call me if a client had items they would like to sell on consignment. One day I asked PMP if they needed any help packing. I thought it looked like a rewarding business to help families downsize and move. Thankfully they gave me a call and I have been with this company for about 1 1/2 years.  It is such a great feeling knowing that we are truly helping families have a more positive experience with their move. Moving is very stressful and not only do we pack up their years of collections but we also listen to our clients concerns and needs and assure them that things will go smoothly. We pack very efficiently and carefully! We help downsize and take away any donations and clutter they don't want to move. That is a relief for many!  

A great part of the job is working with co-workers that make you laugh and work hard. We have quality teamwork to get the job done right and on time; but the best part of the job are the clients hugs, smiles and thank you's when the job is complete.

Dianne Schultz
Team Leader

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