Mom's room is set up with her favorite reading lamp & pictures, just the way she likes it!

Dad's room is ready when he arrives, with his Wall of Honor awards hung with pride & his favorite chair!

Pack My Parents

Sorting - Organizing - Downsizing - Packing 



  • Sort, organize and de-clutter one room at a time.
  • Support in making the right decisions is provided at every stage.
  • Arrange for donation pick-up, consignment, appraiser and estate sale.
  • Manage removal of trash, shipping, and cleaning.

Floor Plan


  • Measurements taken of the new home and the furniture that will be moved.
  • A flexible floor plan is developed.
  • ​Shop for new furniture to compliment the design of the home.

Customized Moving Plan


  • Develop a timeline with a comprehensive step-by-step plan.
  • Selling or Renting your Home? We have Referrals for: Real Estate Agents, Estate Sales & Organizations that we TRUST to our OWN families and OURSELVES, saving you time! They are honest and will help you make the RIGHT decisions for you, your family and make some money on whatever you do not want to take. 
  • ​Moving Across Country? With your Car? No problem! We will call the Moving Companies for you and arrange the perfect team. Transporting your vehicle safely!
  • Not moving until the house sells? We have a plan for you! We will order a POD, we will sort, organize, pack and label, what IS going on the move with you. When you are ready to go.  We will make sure the POD is waiting for you in a secure Climate controlled facility, of your choice, as close as possible to your new home. 
  • After you are gone, our team will come in and clean out the rest of the home, for your real estate agent and take what donations there is left to any organization you prefer.  We will call the local trash for bulk pick up. Everything will be done. WE DO IT ALL! 
  • A construction crew will be called in to Fix whatever needs fixing, to ensure a good $$ for your home.
  • We will take before and after pictures, that will astonish you!  

Move Management


  • Inventory and pack 
  • Moving arrangements are handled, including booking the moving company 
  • Help with all the last minute details on moving day
  • At the new home, movers are guided through furniture placement.
  • Pack My Parents will un-pack and remove all boxes
  • Home is set-up to the exact detail following your plan, including hanging pictures and making the bed.
  • Extras can be arranged such as stocking the kitchen with groceries. 
  • Mental Illnesses like Dementia and Alzheimer's can take so much out of family members.  We take photos of the old place to ensure that everything is put back as they remember (as close as the NEW space allows). Their chair, photos hung, blankets, awards, clothes, slippers by the bed, whatever it is to ensure their mental safety as well as their physical, allowing for enough space, for wheelchairs, walkers, etc. Your Parents are our Parents too!