Welcome to Pack My Parents, LLC, formerly Supporting-Change.  Laura Simpson, our founder, has moved to London and has given us this precious gift to continue on. We will continue Laura’s dream, providing you the quality services you and your family deserve. 


Pack My Parents, works with anyone who is feeling even slightly anxious in preparing for a move to a new home.  Personal attention is given to every aspect of your relocation.   


NOT MOVING?  Then we are here to help adapt your home into the safe and organized space that you need in order to remain there for many years to come.  

Don't forget about your photos - your Legacy  -  your Memories.   

Decisions will follow your plan so you can feel informed and in control.  Space planning allows you to visualize furniture placement in your new home.

​​Downsizing and Move Management Services

Solutions for Seniors - International or within the USA, we Work with you to plan and deliver a stress-free Move!!


​   ​​​​Pack My Parents



Call:  (714) 388-6304

Email: info@packmyparents.com


The convenience of having one person to oversee the entire moving process.  From the first night in your new home, you will have an organized and safe space that feels like home.   

Sorting, organizing and packing by a professional will save time and money by making sure the job is done in an efficient manner.