Holiday Hazards


As seniors get older, the danger of falling and sustaining a serious injury naturally increases. Here are some household situations to consider as we head into the holiday season.  

Clutter – everyday living and then add the holiday stuff!
Extended extension cords! It’s a fire hazard and a trip hazard too.
Ladders and heavy boxes full of decorations coupled with that can-do attitude that makes seniors dive into tasks they once found easy.
Too much family togetherness in crowded kitchens filled with hot cooking utensils and gadgets coupled with slower seniors can be a recipe for disaster.
Broken ornaments


It’s always wise to have a pan should a fire break out, especially true  for aging seniors. You need to create an escape plan for every room in the house and review the plan with your loved one. As the weather cools, your annual check list should include a check of your smoke and CO2 detectors as well as making sure your filters are clean and can prevent CO2 hazard. Look at the space heaters may be using in their homes as well. Seniors sometimes find these cheaper than using their heater and may have them in their bedrooms and bathrooms in addition to their primary living areas.  Read the use labels and be sure to replace if they are over 10 years old.

With the holidays and cooler weather, some additional hazards:

Dry Pine Needles – thirsty trees can use up to a gallon of water a day!
Candles – never leave them unattended.
Overdoing the Christmas Lights
Tossing wrapping paper or other trash into the fireplace, never use anything but logs
Extension cord chains – find extension cords that are the right length for the task. Don’t link several shorter cords together. Also make sure they’re in good working order (un-frayed) and rated for they way they are getting used (outdoor for outdoor use or indoor for indoor use).
Decorations and stockings, trees, or packages too close to the fireplace

While you’re considering creating safe space for your senior, remember, Pack My Parents can help adapt your home into the safe and organized space that you and your senior need in order to remain there for many years to come.  aragraph here.